Nicole Eatough

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What happens when a powerful supernatural with a grudge against humans must take one in to fulfill a promise?

The Genie Whisperer Book 1

Left injured on the side of the road with no memories at ten years old, Lia has never known anything but the foster care system. Now that she’s aging out, she’s ready to write her own story for her life with a job and apartment all lined up . . . until she loses the job before even starting.

Desperate to not become homeless, she ends up accepting an offer for a job she doesn’t remember applying for at a hotel she’s not sure exists. Once she arrives, she discovers a hotel catering to supernatural beings, as well as a captivating hotel owner who hates her on sight. Which adds to the mystery of why she’s there. Was her hiring at the hotel an accidental fluke? Or does the obnoxiously charismatic hotel owner know something about Lia that he’s not sharing?

As Lia attempts to uncover these answers, she may discover that in a supernatural world with constant posturing for power, being only human might just be her greatest strength.

Releasing September 2, 2024