As basically every on Earth is aware, life is hard. There are so many difficult things in it and there can be so many moments where we question: Why is this happening? Why do I have to go through this? But every once in a while, something happens that seems negative at the time then something positive results from it. Otherwise known as blessings in disguise. 


I love when we can see blessings in disguise in our lives. Like when my cousin was performing service in Canada, and decided to extend her time there by a few weeks. During those few weeks, our grandma passed away. It would be easy for her to ask why this happened while she was doing something good, or why she didn’t have a feeling she shouldn’t extend her time there so she could have seen our grandma one last time. But she met her husband (an absolutely wonderful man) on her flight home, which wouldn’t have happened if she’d come home earlier.

Having those moments can sometimes make difficult things seem a little brighter with hindsight, so I wanted to include moments like that in my books. A have a couple of them in The Genie Whisperer (some still to come). A huge one is Ali getting impaled within the Archives. 

Obviously, in the moment that is an absolutely terrible thing. Ali trusted Garan to protect her, and because he wasn’t paying enough attention, she got stabbed through the stomach. Which is pretty traumatic. But the ultimate result? Garan decided to abandon centuries of hiding within his own mind to live in the present so he could protect and be with Ali. That’s a pretty positive ultimate outcome. (Especially when you have a universal genie around who can heal your injury within less than a day of it happening.)