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Many Thanks!!!

I call this page the ‘Bonus Content’ page, but really it should be the ‘Thank You for Being Awesome Readers’ page. One of the most powerful ways for a book series to be discovered is by readers rating, reviewing, and recommending it. Without that, authors have no career. So when my books reach certain rating/review milestones, I like to provide bonus stories as my way of saying thank you. I hope you enjoy!

The Genie Whisperer Freebies

The Glittering Gems (Book 1) Bonus Stories: 


What Could Have Been 

When I first wrote Ali meeting Garan and Light, it turned out very differently from what actually got published. It had a number of issues, the biggest of which being that Ali was more forced into the decision of taking the other genies in a ‘might as well at this point’ kind of way when I needed her to make that decision of her own free will and choice. But if you’re interested, you can check out that original version here: Ali’s Original Meeting of Vine & Light. Be aware that it’s not quite finished and was never edited.