The end of a journey . . . I honestly don’t know how we’ve reached FOURTEEN books within two years. I keep calculating the dates over and over again, thinking there’s no possible way I will have published that many books in that time frame. But I did. (Mind you, I didn’t write fourteen books in two years because of what I wrote before publishing anything, but I digress.) 

Next Monday marks the release of the final Genie Whisperer book, The Sacrificial Gem. This cover is probably my favorite of all of them, with all the gems . . . except for Badan’s, since he’s no longer Ali’s genie. 


I admit that as I finished up writing the last book – and at a couple other points along the way – I got a bit teary eyed. Not because of the content in the book, but because this was the last book in a series where I’ve spent hours with these characters nearly every day for years. Ali and her genies have been a massive part of my life, and it really does make me sad to be at the end of their story.

But it’s also satisfying. One of the important things about the ending of a series is that the ending is earned. And I very much feel Ali and the genies earned this ending. Though there is a ton to cover in this book. Fixing the mess at the end of the last book where nearly all the genies were taken, the question of genie freedom (the most important of all since it’s the whole point of this series according to Tavor), and then the fallout of how that turns out. 

One of my beta readers upon finishing book fourteen informed me I should do a sequel series, and while I would love to do a continuation, I’m now deep in the world of The Hidden Hotel, a series my newsletter subscribers voted to be my next series about a young human woman who finds herself working at a hotel for supernaturals where she attracts the interest of several powerful figures. The second book is with my editor right now and I’m so excited to reveal more about that trilogy! But not until later. Because first we have to finish up The Genie Whisperer ;

I hope that everyone who’s stayed with the series for all fourteen books has thoroughly enjoyed the genies and all their adventures and finds the ending as satisfying as I do.