Since this post covers tropes found with The Three R’s of Genie Whispering, book nine of The Genie Whisperer, it does contain a few spoilers for that book, though I’ve worked to keep them to a minimum. 


First, the picture in this post requires an explanation. And that is that it’s a common trope in anime/manga for a guy to trip and fall on top of a girl he likes. I SO wanted to include that trope in this book . . . but it didn’t end up working out. I guess the genies just aren’t klutzy enough to let this happen. Maybe I can manage it in another series some day! 

Now on to some of the tropes that made it into the book! I LOVE protective heroes, so I really like the trope of a guy standing between the woman he cares for and threats. Writing that scene in this book was pretty satisfying, and I hope readers enjoy it too. Even if it is a bit of an intense scene . . . 

Moving on! A cute trope often found in manga is a guy not only offering encouragement and belief in the main character that help her move forward, but them doing it in a way that shows that he really knows her. One of my favorite things about slow burn romance is getting to really see the development of the characters gaining a deep understanding of each other, so of course I had to include this trope at some point and it fit in well with the events of this book. 

These next two tropes are in opposition to each other, which provides some lovely conflict for our heroes and heroine. And these are the tropes that the mission (whatever it may be) must come before love and the trope that a guy won’t back down from the girl he likes because he needs her, dang it! He doesn’t care what else is going on or what anyone says. He won’t deny his feelings for anyone or anything. That first trope has already been brought up in the series, courtesy of both Tavor and Illan, but really comes to a head in this book thanks to the second trope happening – Rajan and Garan don’t care what Tavor says, if Ali wants to be with them, they’re going to be with her!

I have to say, the trope of a guy not backing down from a girl they’re interested in is one I really love. It’s far more common to run into a hundred and one tropes for why the characters don’t pursue each other or can’t be together, so I always find it really refreshing to come across a character who chooses not to let anything get in the way of pursing their feelings. 

I hope everyone enjoys the latest installment to the series!