Now that The Genie Whisperer has finished publishing, I figured I would write about some of my favorite scenes that happened near the end of the series! Which, of course, means this post contains spoilers if you haven’t finished the series yet. 


First off for my favorites is stealing more genies. Book ten, The Gathering of Allies, was quite possibly the most fun of all the books to write. Originally, I wrote stealing Mynoch as Ali and the gang always planning for Mynoch to join them, but then I decided it would be much more fun to write it as they only intended to steal his gem to panic The Society, NOT actually have Mynoch be part of their group. That added a whole new layer of fun, especially with other people they try to recruit who are very concerned about Mynoch’s presence. 

And Storm stealing himself was a scene I had planned from the first moment I intended to bring him into the series. Writing him period was just fun, but I especially loved the scene where he sneaks his gem and hands it to Ali. I feel both Storm and Mynoch add a bit of a chaotic air just by being around, though Storm’s brand of chaos is more fun, while Mynoch’s is more sinister.

Another favorite scene of mine in these last books is Tavor and Darios arguing over Ali giving up her life. I’ve known that Ali would risk her life to grant the genies freedom since early on, so also had this scene planned out from fairly early on. Having Darios refuse to sacrifice Ali because he’s being selfish, and arguing he’s always been that way, was particularly fun. Though part of the fun of that scene might have also been Tavor needing Darios’s help and Darios being powerful enough to flat out refuse. 

My next two favorite scenes involve the same characters above – Darios and Tavor, though separately this time. The first is Darios’s love confession. Unlike many other scenes with him, this isn’t one I’d had in mind for a long time, but I was really looking forward to finally writing him confession his feelings. For a long time I wasn’t sure when or how he would do it, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. 

The final scene I’ll touch on is Tavor being willing to give up his life alongside Ali to free the genies. He so obsessed with freedom (hopefully understandably) that making him a viable love interest was a bit difficult. My sister and I discussed how we felt in many love stories, the love interests choose each other over the “greater good” and then things end up working out. Some of the genies, like Garan, Rajan, and Darios, are more than willing to choose Ali over the greater good, but that’s not Tavor and it was never going to be. So trying to figure out a way for him work as a love interest without him alienating readers too much was difficult. I was quite pleased with the idea I had for how Tavor could, in a way, choose both Ali and freedom in the end. I hope his choice touched the hearts of some readers and redeemed him in the eyes of some others. 

All that being said, I hope readers had many favorite scenes within these last few books and thoroughly enjoyed the ending of the series!