As one can likely tell from the title, today’s post contains spoilers for the last books of The Genie Whisperer. Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished reading the series yet!


As many readers know, I adore foreshadowing in books. I love reading it, I love planning it, I love writing it. Now that The Genie Whisperer has finished publishing, I figured I’d do one final post about the foreshadowing in the series regarding events in the last books.  

First up is Aurora, Ren’s mom. She is first brought up way back in book two, The Perilous Gems, when it’s mentioned that Ren is only half genie wizard. At the time I wasn’t sure if I would bring her into the story, but I liked the option of having that foreshadow already in place, and it wasn’t a big enough mention to bother anyone if Ren’s mom didn’t end up playing an actual role in the story. 

Then I had Ren’s mom appear in the story in book ten, The Gathering of Allies, during a flashback, as well Ren talking to her on the phone in book eleven, The Gathering of Enemies. I admit that with bringing her in a little more, I still didn’t originally plan for her to be a very big character until it got to the point of Ren joining Ali’s little gang. At that point, I realized he couldn’t possibly join them without bringing his mom along. I still debated whether Aurora’s involvement would be more of an offscreen scene or if she would stick around. I ended up loving her character so much that I wanted her to stick around. Plus, I wanted Ali to have a positive female role model to talk to, and it was so much fun having that role model be Ren’s mom. 

This next foreshadow was also brought up much earlier in the series and that is the Voltaire’s missing universal genie! He was an antagonist I had planned out for SO long. I really wanted a good foil for Tavor, which meant it had to be someone powerful. I also wanted to show off that while Tavor might makes some decisions that upsets readers, he’s actually really responsible and caring for a universal. When it comes to his class of genie, he’s not a particularly selfish one. Sometimes, it’s all about perspective. 

 As for the actual foreshadows, I first mention the missing Voltaire universal genie in book five, The Doorway to the Future when the wizards mentions that the Voltaires lost their universal a while ago, so will probably get Tavor. (The wizards say this, of course, when they believe they’ve overpowered and defeated Ali and her genies.) Then the missing universal is mentioned again in book eight, The Stolen Truth, when Gary mentions that the Voltaires are on to Tavor and his plans in some fashion and Tavor mentions that at least they don’t have their universal anymore, indicating to readers that this is a genie Tavor would prefer not to encounter. The missing universal is also, ironically, mentioned by Tristan himself in book nine, The Three R’s of Genie Whispering

 This genie is also technically called out in book four, The Doorway of Possibilities, except its not mentioned that its the Voltaire’s missing universal genie. This reference is when Tavor says there were genies who helped form the Archives who he wouldn’t bet on himself in a fight against. 

The last foreshadow I’ll talk about is the possibility of destroying genies once and for all. Nicolo himself brought this up back in book eight when he’s so offended at the idea of ancient scrolls containing a way for wizards to steal genies from their masters. That idea was, of course, a lie made up by Ali to explain her presence at the Villa of the Papyri, but Nicolo believed she really was searching for that at the time. 

I hope that readers have enjoyed the foreshadowing in the series as much as I enjoyed writing them!