As I’ve mentioned previously, I adore foreshadowing in stories, especially when it spans across books. I think it leads to a richer reading experience, and makes rereading so fun when you can catch things you missed the first time around because you didn’t know what was coming. In the Season Four books (The Gathering of Allies and The Gathering of Enemies), I finally got to fulfill a whole bunch of things (or people, I suppose I should say) that had been foreshadowed!

WARNING: As one might imagine, this post contains spoilers if you haven’t finished reading Season Four yet. 


Going in order of all the foreshadowed people who appear in these books, first up is Mynoch! He was first brought into the series (in a vague sense of the word) as an antagonists during Season Two, so I hope readers were either excited or quite surprised for him to actually show up in person. 

While I was writing about the Archives, I didn’t know for sure if I would bring the actual Mynoch into the series, but I did already know I wanted Tavor to suggest they grab more genies, and I thought it would be fun to include a genie readers where somewhat familiar with. Mynoch felt like a great choice because there was lots of justification for them to grab him (even if there was lots not to as well!). And my cover artist was so excited at the idea of Mynoch appearing that she drew up some concept designs for his gem before I ever decided to bring him back, so we already had those all ready to go for the book ten cover when it came time. 

Number two of the foreshadowed people who show up in Season Four is two different beings, and that is Jace and the gravity genie. Like Mynoch, these two were first introduced during Season Two at the Archives. The fire genie who Tavor locked away in her gem suggested they grab this particular gravity genie, and Tavor spoke with Jace on the phone. Again, I wasn’t sure if I would actually bring Jace into the series more fully, but he was a nice, reasonable young man, and I thought it would be nice to show readers that not all Society members are crazy. We also have that with Tristan, but I wanted to utilize Jace as well since he’d already been brought up in earlier books. 

Next up is Ren and Josiah’s storm genie! I imagine many readers figured Ren and Ali would cross paths again someday since he stuck around in the background. And he wasn’t killed like every other McMichael family wizard. He was kept around for the express purpose of joining Ali’s group, but the question now is: Can he really be trusted? As for Storm, he is the storm mentioned mentioned way back in book three, The Three C’s of Genie Whispering. I knew that I wanted to bring that storm genie into the story because with the gang gathering new genies, I thought it would add an interesting dynamic if at least some of them were already familiar with Ali’s genies. And I always planned for the storm genie to essentially steal himself after he realized what was going on.

I did originally plan for Storm to be from a random Society family, but when I was planning out the rest of the Voltaire’s genies other than the shadow genie that appears in book three (a list I literally didn’t make until they were officially listed in book nine), and I listed that they owned a storm genie, I thought, “Why not make the Voltaire’s storm genie be the one Ali steals? That will be extra fun!” With that decided, I gave the storm genie a cameo in book nine, The Three R’s of Genie Whispering, in addition to his mention in book three. I hope it was fun to get a glimpse of him ahead of time!

Number four on the list of foreshadowed characters brought in (since I’m grouping some of the others together) is Nicolo! At the end of book eight, The Stolen Truth, I put in a scene of Nicolo planning to leave the Guardians of Humanity. I admit that I wasn’t entirely certain I would bring him back at the time, but I wanted the option there, so left things ambiguous as to whether or not he was around for the final fight against the guardians. 

 Last up of the foreshadowed characters fully coming to light is the Voltaire family! You knew Ali and the gang had to meet up with them eventually, right? They’ve been hanging around in the background way since book three, after all. Since I knew early on that I wanted to pull another powerful Society family into the story and that they would play an important role, I wanted them on readers’ mind quickly. Hence why Maurice first appears and speaks with Tristan on the phone way back in book three. Though the Voltaire’s first mention is actually in book two, when the genie wizard Santiago mentions his niece working for them. Then the Voltaires are mentioned again in book five (because the wizards who think they’re going to steal Tavor assume he’ll be handed over to that family), and we see them briefly in book six. They’re also mentioned in books seven and eight via Gary the transformation genie, and then appear again in book nine during Gary’s spying before they finally make a full appearance in the story (meaning Ali meets them) in Season Four.

Goodness, that was a lot! I hope you all enjoyed Ali meeting up with all these characters. And that you’re looking forward to seeing what role many of these characters play in the series’ climax ;)