I adore foreshadowing in books. I feel a series is so much richer if you can reread the series and catch things you didn’t notice before, because you didn’t know what was coming when you read it the first time. With that love of mine, I knew I had to include foreshadowing in The Genie Whisperer

One of the first instances of foreshadowing occurs in book three, The Three C’s of Genie Whispering. There’s actually multiple foreshadows in that book, but it’s the reference to the Archives that becomes directly relevant in the next book, since the Archives is the setting where the majority of books four and five occurs. 


With the Archives being such a huge part of two books, as well as, arguably, being an antagonist, I thought it would be fun to bring it up before it appears, so it has two separate references in book three.

The first comes from Maurice, the aide to the heir of the Voltaire family, who is an upper echelon family within The Society similar to the McMichaels. He went there searching in the Archives for whether there is a record of wizards stealing genies, and instead found an outlawed spell that takes away genies’ inhibitions and makes things go wonky with their magic.

The second reference comes from Illan, when he suggests the Archives would be the best place to search for whether freedom is possible for genies. Tavor shoots this down, because they can’t get into the Archives without Darios’s help, which he isn’t willing to risk until he’s exhausted his other resources. And that happens at the beginning of book four, The Doorway of Possibilities, when Tavor is forced to admit that if they want to move forward in his goals, they have to go to the Archives. 

The other two foreshadows in book three both revolve around Maurice. One is discovering that the genie wizard Ren wants to work for the Voltaire family to save himself from the same fate as the rest of the McMichael employees. This has now played out in book six, The Three B’s of Genie Whispering, where Ren finds himself an employee of the Voltaire heir, though not quite under the circumstances he’d hoped for. The other foreshadow is the Voltaire family. Because what would be the point of introducing another upper echelon Society family if they weren’t going to become important?

In the coming books, there will be many more foreshadows. I hope readers enjoy picking them out!