Sometimes, characters in a story just end up going rouge. This is what happened with the genie wizards who entered The Genie Whisperer way late in the game – those who appeared in the very last book. 


While I was writing book thirteen of The Genie Whisperer, I decided that I should include a few more wizards to help with the spell to free the genies. After all, if I have performing the spell be such a heavy burden on the two genie whisperers, shouldn’t it be a big burden on the wizards too? Unless, of course, they grab a few more to help out!

However, I only planned for the extra wizards to just kind of be around under the genies’ control and help out from the sidelines, which was the way my outline for the last book had them all written. But when I was writing the actual book, they ended up becoming bigger characters than I’d originally intended, so I had to go back to my handy dandy Genie Whisperer story wiki and flesh out their characters a bit more to give them more individual personalities and motivations.  

I ended up becoming quite fond of many of the additional wizards, and I hope readers feel the same! 

Mynoch, arguably, was also a character who went rogue near the end. I genuinely didn’t know if he would side with Ali or Malik for quite a while, though I knew he would play an important role either way. I’m grateful for the side he landed on, because it was quite fun to write him that way – and I love a redeemable villain.