As I’ve mentioned in past posts, genie wizards didn’t exist in the version of The Genie Whisperer I wrote back in college, just like genie whisperers didn’t either. I also didn’t have the origin of The Society fleshed out, something that will become extremely important in the series soon. 

Genie Wizard

Within the story world I originally created, the only antagonists who could stand up to the genies were humans with their own genies. And, of course, with the whole plot of season one (books one and two) being Ali stealing all of the genies she encounters, either accidentally or intentionally, that option wasn’t that helpful so far as creating viable antagonists went. Additionally, as the series continued, I didn’t want Ali’s genies running around fighting other genies who weren’t really the bad guys, but were just unfortunate pawns. 

Instead, I wanted antagonists who could truly stand up to the genies and overpower them, so the genie wizard race was born! They make handy villains, and I’m quite happy with their addition to the story world. Without Ali’s genie whisperer abilities granting her genies the ability to affect wizards with their magic, the wizards would be an overpowering force, but with her help, there is some balance of power between the genies and the wizards. Kind of.

With all things being equal, if a wizard struck first, they could completely incapacitate the genies with the right spell, but if the genies struck first, the wizard could easily wind up dead. And wizards can’t kill genies. That’s a pretty good edge the genies have on everyone – they can’t die. 

Coming up in the series, there is more genie wizard villainy planned, Society masters to beware of, and perhaps even some genies to be leery of . . .