We’re on the countdown for less than two months until the first book of The Hidden Hotel releases! So I figured I would take the next couple weeks to do some character intros. We’ll start off with Dante Shadowcaster, the manager of the hotel. 


The Hidden Hotel, unsurprisingly, mostly takes place within a hotel. And like any other hotel, a hotel for supernaturals requires plenty of employees to keep it running smoothly. One of the most important roles for that is the hotel’s manager. In addition to needing all the same skills and competencies as a human running a hotel, one catering to the supernatural requires that the manager have a certain level of power just in case fights break out between guests of different races who aren’t so fond of each other. 

Luckily for Dante, he’s got power in spades! As well as customer service skills that would put a puppy begging for love to shame. With such a customer service genius around, it begs an important question: Will he find Dahlia’s, our human heroine, customer service skills up to par?

The hotel’s manager is not an easy one to impress. He expects top notch work from all his employees, but if he gets that from you, he’ll be loyal nearly to a fault. (Don’t you just love a boss who will go to bat for their employees?) On the other hand, if you severely let him down . . . you’re a bit screwed. 

I’ll be honest, I ended up loving Dante so much that I’m tempted to give him his own trilogy where he’s the love interest/hero of the story. I can’t wait to find out if you think he deserves his own story!