Happy new year!!! I’m so excited for 2024 and all the things I have planned for this year :) 


The Genie Whisperer will finish publishing in 2024 – and I actually plan to move up the timeline for releasing books 10-14. I’m not officially making that announcement yet, because I’m not quite sure what the schedule will be. But I hope this news gets you excited! 

My other big plans for this year are starting writing in a whole new world filled with several races of supernaturals. I plan for this world to be BIG, encompassing multiple trilogies following characters from the different races. The overall world will be called The Enchanted Races and the first trilogy is titled The Hidden Hotel

Here’s a sneak peek of the blurb for that:

Lia is down on her luck when she’s mysteriously offered a job she never applied for at a hotel she’s never heard of. The catch? She’s now the only human employee of a hotel catering to the supernatural. Does the captivating hotel owner know something about her she doesn’t? Or is she a pawn in someone’s schemes?

I’m SO excited for this series and am hoping for a release date of late summer 2024. The cover is currently being worked on, and I’ll have a preorder link available once that’s finished. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays and have things you’re excited for during this new year too!