For Ali’s adventures with meeting each of the genies, there are a fair number of similarities between the original version I wrote over a decade ago and what I ended up publishing. Other than the original version being a rather poor attempt at writing since I was such an amateur at the time and hadn’t really studied the craft of writing and story telling yet.

I’ll do a post on the differences between the original and final versions of Ali meeting each of the genies, and we’ll go in order of Ali meeting them. So first up is Tavor!

Imperial Topaz

In the original version, Ali and Tavor still met at a park . . . but I had no good reason for Tavor’s gem being there. (Genies being housed in gems was always part of the story.) It wasn’t dropped off by a bird, it was just in a tree. Because. There also wasn’t any antagonist involved in their meeting and getting to know each other, so the two of them just kind of hung out for a while before Ali went off to visit the museum by herself, since she didn’t want wishes.

For the updated story when I rewrote everything, I, of course, needed an actual reason for why Tavor’s gem was at the park, so Sterling Dixon The Society master and Gary the transformation genie were created to fulfill that purpose. I also needed an antagonist to liven things up, so in came Brandon the genie wizard. I’ll have a post specifically on genie wizards later on detailing more information on their addition to the series.

Tavor himself largely stayed the same, which is true for all of the genies’ personalities and looks. He was always the scheming leader of the story.