I was looking through some old notes and found a summary of The Genie Whisperer that I wrote back in college, when I first came up with this story. I have to think that I wrote the summary just for fun and just for myself because it spoils a TON about the series. But now that book eight is released, I can share it with you all :) 


There was a time, oh so long ago, when genies were their own beings. Capricious, fun-loving, and sometimes cruel, they roamed the world doing whatever they pleased, but a group of genie wizards feared and envied the genies’ powers and actions, so they combined their powers with those of the genie whisperers and bound the genies to men. In this process they wiped the genies’ memories of the time when they were free, leading them to believe that their purpose in life was to serve mankind. Each genie was trapped within a jewel, able to come out when their master allowed, and unable to ignore any direct command from their master. And so, these once great and powerful beings were now little more than slaves.


However, while the wizards could bind the genies to become servants, they could not change the genies’ natures. Genies now had to fulfill wishes, but words can be interpreted in so many ways, and genies had always been masters of words. For many who came into possession of genies, it came to ruin in the end. And the whisperers suffered as well. The Society which owned the genies also envied the power of the Whisperers. Though the Whisperers helped bind the genies, who’s to say they wouldn’t change their minds about it? Or combine their power with the genies to eliminate the genie wizards? To protect their way of life, the wizards slaughtered all the whisperers. However, one did not join in binding the genies’ wills and ran instead. He told his descendants nothing of his powers, so his magic was passed along, with none of them being the wiser.

I think I had a strong flair for the dramatics back then. Not that my story writing itself was dramatic, but based on the above sample, my summaries sure were. Maybe I was thinking I wanted to write it in an epic ballad style or some such thing.  

And though the summary doesn’t quite match how the story ultimately turned out, a whole lot stayed the same between this and the final version, despite there being nearly a decade between when I wrote the summary and when I finally published the first book of the series. The biggest difference, of course, being that Gary’s son wanted to free Gary and the other genies, hence why he left a letter for his father. 

However, as anyone can tell from the events of The Genie Whisperer, the knowledge of genie whisperers and genies was obviously lost to Ali’s family. Though more on that may be covered in an upcoming book.