Warning: This post contains spoilers for books ten and eleven of The Genie WhispererThe Gathering of Allies and the The Gathering of Enemies. Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished both yet!


As readers who’ve been around for a while are aware, I studied reverse harem manga to help me figure out how to write The Genie Whisperer series, since it’s not quite like a lot of other reverse harem books in that it’s a sweet romance rather than being on the steamier side. As such, I took lots of notes on mini-tropes contained in reverse harem manga that I might want to include in this series. 

I even start off with writing each book by making a list of tropes I might want to include it. Looking over my list for books ten and eleven to write this post reminded me that things did not quite go as I’d originally planned . . . Partly because of genies being too stubborn to move as quickly in their relationships and feelings as I’d like them too sometimes! Or maybe that’s just my deep love of slow burn coming out, but part of why I love slow burn so much is that I often feels it’s more realistic. Deep relationships take time to develop, and along the way people can feel so much doubt, insecurity, and hesitation. So that’s how The Genie Whisperer has gone. 

But on to some of the mini-tropes I used! Both Lynron and Darios were a bit of a focus with these. In the case of Lynron, we have:

1. Trust issues! He so badly wants to trust Ali, and has many reasons to believe he can at this point. But everything in him still rebels against it, afraid of how it could hurt him. 

2. Feeling inferior to the other guys/concerned he’s not helping in the same way. Ali can do some pretty amazing things while connected with some of the genies and can just about nothing with Lynron, which is kind of a hard thing for him to take. Almost all genies have an ego, and he wants to help out too. It doesn’t help that he’s in his own way with this, thanks to his trust issues.  

The mini-tropes with Darios in these books are:

1. Barriers against a guy realizing he’s falling in love/being willing to admit he’s falling in love. I actually wanted Ali and Darios to grow closer than they did in book eight, The Stolen Truth, but Darios wouldn’t allow it. Then I again wanted more to happen between them in season four, but Darios again wouldn’t it allow it. After Darios’s first interactions with Ali in the series, he really has a complex about feeling he’s not worthy to be near her, and that’s not a small thing for him to overcome. 

2. For this one, I have to put the exact wording I have in my little spreadsheet of trope notes: “Like a caged beast when the main character is in trouble and he can’t get to her.” Caged beast is an exaggeration for how this ended up playing out in the story, but I knew from early on that I wanted to work this trope into The Genie Whisperer, and I wanted it to be Darios. I was very pleased when I was able to include the scene in book eleven of him connecting with Ali and summoning himself to her location to save her at the Voltaire estate. 

That’s all for now! I hope everyone enjoys the ways in which these mini-tropes enrich the story 🙂