The seduction genie ends up playing an important role in the last book of The Genie Whisperer, and, ironically, I’m not sure if I ever would have come up with that class of genie without the work of my cover artist. 


My cover designer digitally designed, drew, and colored each of the genie’s gems. After designing the gems for the seven main genies, she got in a bit of a gem making mode where she made several more gems for practice, some of which she became quite fond of, so she jokingly told me I had to use them. Even though she was joking, I did still consider what class of genie might come from the gems she’d created. 

One of those gems was a gray diamond, and since I knew the storm genie I was already planning on bringing into the story would have a gray color scheme, I knew that I would easily use that gem in the covers. She also had both a pink and a purple gem and I felt like either of those might relate to to a genie whose abilities had to do with love/lust, hence the idea of a seduction genie. I debated between which of the gems to use for her on the covers, but since my cover artist was more attached to the pink gem, we went with that. 

It’s lucky for my cover artist that I was already planning adventures involving Ali’s group grabbing more genies from early on! Otherwise, those lovely gems probably wouldn’t have gotten used. But since I needed more genies anyway, it was kind of fun to think of what class of genie her gems might relate to. 

She also, somewhat ironically, started creating darker green gems for Mynoch after reading book four, before knowing that he would join the fray. But when he did, she already had a gem already to go for him! This work she’d already done with all these gems made the covers for books ten and eleven easier, though crafting the gem for the gravity genie was a little tricky for her because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted for that one. I’m happy with what she came up with though and even ended up adjusting my original idea for a gravity genie’s colors to match the gem she created. 

I feel like the moral of the story is that covers are important even for writing! Which is why I try to come up with the concepts of my covers before writing a single word of the book.