The story of how I came up with the idea for The Genie Whisperer originated from me not having a Facebook account and knowing nothing of the games on there. I was in my first or second year of college (and my older brother accused me of being like an 80 year old man who refused to keep up with technology for not having any social media accounts, and there was some truth to his accusation). 

I came across a Facebook ad for some game on the platform with an enticing genie graphic and some little blurb about helping a genie. Naive me was hoping for a game with a plot based off the description it gave. Instead, I found essentially bejeweled with genies in the background. I was very disappointed, but then asked myself, okay, what kind of story would I want with genies? What kind of story do I wish I had found?

From there, I developed the bare bones idea for The Genie Whisperer (which I just called Genie at the time since there weren’t actually any whisperers in my original idea).

In later blog posts, I’ll explain more about my original ideas for The Genie Whisperer!