The Genie Whisperer

Enter a world of magic and chaos . . .
Will these genies be Ali’s greatest love? Or the means of her destruction?


The Genie Whisperer is a sweet, slow burn reverse harem romance. The full seasons cover the main plot, while the half seasons tie into the main plot, but focus more on Ali’s relationship with the genies.

Season One

The Genie Whisperer Book 1

Season 1 Part 1: The Glittering Gems

After having her whole life dictated by her parents, Ali is determined to gain her independence. She’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams and forge her own path—which does not include relying on the alluring genie suddenly thrust into her life. But when one handsome genie multiplies into three, she fears her plans for independence may be thrown into disarray.

The Genie Whisperer Book 2

Season 1 Part 2: The Perilous Gems

Ali left home to forge her own path, not anyone else’s. That includes Tavor’s new scheme for her to steal the rest of the McMichael genies. But when she’s confronted with the McMichaels’ cruelty to their genies, it may just convince her to adopt Tavor’s scheme for her own.

The Genie Whisperer Book 3

Season 1.5: The Three C’s of Genie Whispering

It’s the holiday season, which means celebrating with family. At least, that’s what it used to mean for Ali, but her family no longer remembers she exists and nothing is traditional when you have seven alluring genies for roommates. 

Season Two

The Genie Whisperer Book 4

Season 2 Part 1: The Doorway of Possibilities

When Ali wanted to fill her life with books, she meant textbooks for college, not archives from The Society. Too bad she’s been pulled into the alluring Tavor’s latest schemes—especially when the archives themselves may prove even more dangerous than The Society.

The Genie Whisperer Book 5

Season 2 Part 2: The Doorway to the Future

Ali and her friends remain trapped within the Archives, at the mercy of whatever ancient text inspired the pocket dimensions they land in. She’s desperate to get them out of there, while the genies are desperate to protect her. This time, it may take more than Ali’s science sorcery to save them all.

The Genie Whisperer Book 6

Season 2.5: The Three B’s of Genie Whispering

Giving up her dreams to seek freedom for her captivating genie friends has left Ali feeling lost—especially when they’re not sure what their next move is. Turns out, finding remnants of lost libraries is harder than expected, even with magic involved. In the midst of Ali’s struggles, Tavor is more than happy to step in and revive her passion—suited to his own purposes, of course.

Season Three

Book 7 Cover

Season 3 Part 1: The Lost Libraries

Can genies, enslaved to humanity for thousands of years, really be free? It’s time for Ali and her friends to find out. Now if only the genies’ growing feelings for Ali wouldn’t get in the way.

Book 8 Cover

Season 3 Part 2: The Stolen Truth

As Ali hoped, the scrolls from the Villa of the Papryi reveal hints regarding The Society’s missing history. As eager as she is to move forward, Tavor is eager to avert a potential disaster by warning the genies, again, to stay away from Ali. Too bad not all of them are so keen on listening a second time . . .

Season 3.5: The Three R’s of Genie Whispering

What would you sacrifice for freedom? Now that Ali and the genies know freedom for genie kind is possible, Tavor will allow nothing to stand in his way—including Ali. Fearing that romantic entanglements could threaten their goals, how far will Tavor go to prevent Ali from becoming a distraction for the genies?

Season Four

Season 4 Part 1: The Gathering of Allies

Tavor’s worst fears have came to pass. Their group has been exposed to The Society, who has sent an elite team after them. His solution? If The Society is throwing their might at them, then it’s time for them to increase their own might—by gathering more genies.

Season 4 Part 2: The Gathering of Enemies

With Tavor’s declaration that they must bring down the powerful Voltaire family, Lynron, Illan, and Badan are intent on connecting with Ali before the fight. Except not all genies excel at suppressing their possessive instincts. As conflict among the three genies rises, someone else may need to step in to referee . . .

Season 4.5: The Three F’s of Genie Whispering

As Ali and the genies hoped, their new wizard allies are able to decipher clues from the ancient records for how to free genie kind. The first order of business? Gather more whisperers. This means Ali must reunite with her parents—and convince whichever is the whisper to help the genies.

Season Five (Final Season)

Season 5 Part 1: The Deceptive Gem

With Ali’s father joining the group, she’s learned a shocking truth: her family may hold the secret to freeing the genies. But will this secret also hold the solution to Ali surviving freeing the genies? Or will saving those she loves mean she and her father must die?

Season 5 Part 2: The Sacrificial Gem

From the day Tavor learned Ali was a genie whisper, he’s known he would fight for genie freedom at any cost. But when that cost extends beyond anything he ever imagined, will he stay true to that? Find out in the final installment of The Genie Whisperer!