The Enchanted Races

Welcome to a world hidden within our own . . .


The Enchanted Races are a series of urban fantasy trilogies featuring sweet romance and a whole host of supernatural races. They can be read in any order, though are listed in order of when events within the series occurs.

The Hidden Hotel

Whispers of Enchantment
(The Hidden Hotel: Book 1)

Lia is down on her luck when she’s mysteriously offered a job she never applied for at a hotel she’s never heard of. The catch? She’s now the only human employee of a hotel catering to the supernatural. Does the captivating hotel owner know something about her she doesn’t? Or is she a pawn in someone’s schemes?

(Releasing Sept 2, 2024)

Whispers of Danger
(The Hidden Hotel: Book 2)

Summary coming September, 2024

Whispers of Truth
(The Hidden Hotel: Book 3)

Summary coming September, 2024

The Missing Heir

More information coming fall of 2024