Next week marks the release of book ten of The Genie Whisperer, The Gathering of Allies! 


At this point, I’m a little bit questioning my sanity at the wisdom of publishing six books over three months, even though the series was mostly complete. Though it’s a little early for me to be doing that, given we’re only on book two out of six! My potential sanity issues aside, I hope readers enjoyed book nine and are looking forward to this next book :) 

Book ten was one of the absolutest funnest to write from the series. The whole thing felt like one great adventure with Ali running around grabbing more genies. It’s a lot more playful than getting stuck in deadly archives or tracking down ancient texts while rebel genie wizards try to kill you (which is kind of funny, because the non-rebel genie wizards ALSO try to kill Ali, so they at least had that in common). While serious stuff still happens in this book, it felt like a nice break from the heaviness of the genies discovering the truth in book eight and Tavor’s less than impressive actions in book nine.  

Three new genies are introduced in this book (as one might be able to guess from the cover), and the first and last are my favorites of the new ones. I didn’t originally plan to include the first new genie when I first thought up the plot line of grabbing more genie allies, but then I decided it would be such great chaos to bring them in. And the last of the new genies introduced in this book I’ve been planning on bringing in for a long, long time. The scene where this genie becomes Ali’s is one that’s been in my head since near when I first decided Ali and her genies would have an adventure gathering more genies. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!