It’s already time for the release of book eleven of The Genie Whisperer, The Gathering of Enemies! As one can see from looking at the cover, yet another new genie is introduced in this book. 


I struggled quite a bit with writing The Gathering of Enemies. There’s a major plot idea I initially wrote into this book that would have impacted the rest of the series, and I’d been planning for it from the beginning of The Genie Whisperer. But as I wrote the set up for this plot idea, it suddenly felt forced. 

I think a big problem was I planned to really set into this plot during the Sterling Dixon plot line . . . which is a plot line that got nixed. I wrote a post on this previously, but I had a whole big plot involving Gary’s former master, Sterling Dixon, that was going to make the series three books longer. But when it came time to bring Sterling in during book eight, The Stolen Truth, I realized he had nothing to offer Tavor, which meant there’s no way Tavor would have allowed him to join them. 

So three whole books and a whole lot of drama got dropped, which meant I no longer had enough books in what was left of The Genie Whisperer to pull off this other plot line in the way I’d wanted to. This meant I had to rewrite book eleven to write that plot out, as well as going back to books nine and ten to cut out some hints leading up to it. (Thank goodness I stay ahead in my writing, so was able to do that! Otherwise I would have had to come up with an explanation within the books for why things went a certain way.) 

What is this mysterious plot line that got written out because I didn’t have enough books to write it properly? I can’t mention it at this point, because it’s a bit of a spoiler for the end of the series, but I plan to write a post on it after everything is said and done. 

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys book eleven as well as the new characters it brings in!