Next week marks the release of book nine of The Genie WhispererThe Three R’s of Genie Whispering!


This book is probably the most dramatic out of all the books so far, but we have finally officially started Ali’s harem, so it’s certainly the time for drama! Particularly since not all the genies are actually aware that Ali is now in a relationship with Rajan and Garan. Most aren’t, actually. 

The cover for this one is pretty fun. Everyone who’s finished book eight knows whose gem is on the cover, and I love the way my cover artist did the nails multi-colored like the gem. As I’ve shared previously, my artist actually made this gem a while ago partly for fun when I mentioned the idea of a multi-colored gem and whether they really existed (fun fact: they do!). When it came time for a certain genie to take a bigger role in the story, I decided a multi-colored fit him perfectly – even if the rest of his color scheme is much more tame. He’s the only genie whose color scheme doesn’t match his gem because he’s from the only class of genie who can change their own appearance beyond simply taking on human form. 

This book had some scenes I was really looking forward to writing involving Darios and I’m in love with a conversation between Ali and Tavor near the end. While I’m curious to discover what readers think of the book as a whole, there’s one big question I’d be particularly interested in knowing readers’ opinion on after they finish book nine: Is Tavor a tortured hero? Or a scheming jerk? Either opinion is certainly valid!