Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the ending of The Genie Whisperer series. Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished reading it yet!


Often with writing a book, things don’t always turn out quite like the author expects. Things change so an idea no longer makes sense. You get a better idea of how to handle something. You realize your idea causes a plot hole. Things like that. With The Genie Whisperer, a couple things I planned on didn’t end up working out or ended up changing. 

A big one is that I originally planned for Lynron and Badan to also end up with Ali  in the end when I began writing this series. However, in another post I also mentioned that I originally planned for this series to have three more books than it ended up having and it was in those books that things were really supposed to change in Ali’s relationship with Badan and Lynron. At first even with that story arc getting cut, I still planned to have Ali end up with them. Except when I tried to write it, it felt so forced. With Lynron being so massively afraid to trust others and Badan being so stuck on the proper way to treat Ali I just no longer had time to organically make it happen, so that ended up getting nixed. 

I’m a little sad for Lynron, because I feel like given enough time, he would have fallen for Ali and it would have been adorable. However I’m quite satisfied with how Badan’s story turned out. He’s very happy being close friends with Leonardo, and I ended up really enjoying their friendship. And Lynron can still be a great uncle to any kids Ali and her genies have 😉 

Another significant change is what happens with Ali’s mom. Originally, I did plan for her and Ali to eventually reconcile. However, when Aurora appears in book twelve, I fell in love with the idea of her and Leonardo getting together and her becoming Ali’s step-mom. I was also okay with giving the message that cutting toxic people, even family, out of your life is okay, because sometimes that is the right thing to do. And I thought Ali and Ren as step-siblings would be cute. 

This last change is something I ended up adding rather than removing or swapping, like with the two examples above. Originally, Gary was going to be Ali’s only genie ancestor. Then when I was fleshing out Mynoch’s character by developing his backstory with his wife, son, and daughter, I had the thought that it would be interesting to delve a little more into their family dynamics and how their story ends up . . . except it would be depressing because it would end with everyone except Mynoch dead and with him thrown into slavery.

Then I had the thought that would be the ending unless Mynoch’s daughter escaped with Gary’s son and they got married and worked together on how to free their dads! That made things less depressing, and I kind of really loved the idea of Mynoch also being Ali’s ancestor. The question then became: How could Mynoch discover Ali was his many time great-granddaughter? 

I had the idea to make Mynoch Ali’s ancestor after finishing the second draft of book 13 and while plotting book 14, and since Mynoch hadn’t ever really looked at the parchment passed down through Ali’s family, I decided that was how Mynoch would figure things out. It was a fun element to bring in, and I’m glad I did. Mynoch was an interesting character to work with and have around, so I loved giving him family members in the present day to see how that affected him.

While I’m sure there will be readers who are disappointed that Badan and Lynron didn’t end up with Ali, I hope that overall you were satisfied with how the series ended.