Since character names are something I often put a fair bit of thought into, I thought it would be fun to post about the names of the main characters in The Hidden Hotel. 


The main character’s name is Dahlia, though she generally goes by the nickname Lia. You floral fans out there will undoubtedly recognize that my latest main character is named after a flower, so you might feel some shades of Garan as you read part of this book, which wasn’t intentional on my part.

My first thought for my heroine’s name was that I wanted it to start with the letter L (which is often how my name searches start out), and then I decided that I wanted her to be named after a flower instead. (I got to do both, thanks to her nickname!) And then her being named Dahlia led to a bit of a flower theme within the trilogy. Garan would be so pleased. 

As mentioned, Dahlia goes by a nickname, which is because I wanted her to be one of those people who insist on being called by their nickname, partly so her love interest could low-key harass her by always insisting that he and everyone else use her full name (which he gets to do since he’s the big boss at the hotel). As I was plotting the story, I realized that her nickname is a reorganization of Ali’s name from The Genie Whisperer. I was both embarrassed and amused by this. I swear there was nothing intentional about it! If her name had just been Lia, I would have changed it after realizing this, but since it’s technically Dahlia, I decided to leave it as it was.  

After deciding to name the main character Dahlia, I wanted to give her foster mom a flower-based name too to give them a connection. While I was filling out the character info in my personal story wiki, I meant to write ‘Peony’ for the foster mom’s name but messed up and put ‘Peona’ instead. Then I decided I liked Peona, and that it was still based off a flower, which was good enough, so I kept it. (As you might have noticed from my Genie Whisperer series, I like using names that are a little unique.) 

Now onto the hero of the story’s name! He is Zavion, though I originally planned to name him Adan (like Adam but with an n instead of an m). I was pretty fond of that, but then ended up naming the hotel The Red Alder after the tree, and Alder and Adan were just too similar. I didn’t want readers to get confused, so I ended up going with Zavion instead, which I ended up being quite pleased with.