It’s time to start talking about my next series – The Hidden Hotel. The first book, Whispers of Enchantment, is up for preorder and releases in just three months on September 2! I can’t believe we’re just three months away, but since we’re coming up on the release date, I figured I’d give a little background for how I came up with this series. 


I am a big anime/manga lover, which anyone who’s been following me for a while probably knows, and the initial inspiration for The Hidden Hotel comes from the anime An Ayakashi Bed and Breakfast. The story follows a young woman who can see ayakashi (which often refers to a whole host of non-human races that humans generally can’t see). Thanks to her grandfather wracking up a whole bunch of debt, the main character ends up sold as a bride to an ogre who runs a bed and breakfast for ayakashi. However, rather than submitting to a marriage she didn’t agree to, the main character insists she’ll pay off her grandpa’s debt by revitalizing and running an abandoned restaurant at the back of the bed and breakfast. 

It’s a super cute show, and I loved the idea of creating my own story using a hotel as a sort of gathering space for various supernatural races. I had this idea in the back of my head (and written down in my idea folder so I didn’t forget about it) for a long time with nothing hugely specific about it for a few years. Then came the day when I discovered K. M. Shea’s Magiford Supernatural Cities series, which has multiple trilogies set in the same world that can be read individually and/or in any order.

I thought that idea sounded SO fun. But all of my story ideas were isolated in different worlds. (Fact about me: I’m a very in the box thinker when it comes to problem-solving, unfortunately.) It took me about an entire year before I finally came to the conclusion that, astoundingly, as the author I had the ability to expand the worlds I planned to write in and just include more races inside them. I didn’t HAVE to have a story that just had werewolves or just had vampires or just had some random race with a matriarchal society where I hadn’t figured out any specifics about them other than that yet. I could put them all in the same world. 

After that, I went through my urban fantasy folder and pulled out several story ideas I thought would be fun to have take place in the same world (as well as stealing one idea from my high fantasy folder, because I wanted alchemists and golems). After that was done, I had to figure out where to start things for this project. I had a couple different ideas, but one of my favorites was the hotel, and I decided that if I was going to start there that since this was a new world for readers, I wanted a character who was new to the world to, so made the main character human. And of course, since she’s a human being dropped into the supernatural world, I had to give her an enemies to lovers relationship with the owner of the hotel 😉