I think one of readers’ favorite things (myself) included, is encountering beloved tropes in a story, so I figured I’d cover some of the tropes found within The Hidden Hotel trilogy today!


First up is enemies to lovers. The hotel owner allows the main character, Dahlia/Lia, to come to his hotel for supernaturals because of a favor he owes someone, but he is NOT happy about her presence there. Until he starts to fall for her, of course ;) 

And that leads us to our second trope – he falls first. This is one of my favorite tropes, and will likely showcase in the majority of my books . . . which is why I have specifically planned for one of the trilogies in the enchanted races world to be she falls first and another to be they fall together, just to make sure I have a little variety in that area! But the he falls first trope in this trilogy plays out quite fun, because Zavion, the hotel owner, is HORRIBLE at expressing himself, and after he’s been such a jerk to Dahlia, she’s very confused and suspicious when he starts treating her differently. 

Another trope is protective main male lead. This trope is one of my most beloved and might just feature in every story I write. I just feel like it gives such a feeling of the guy cherishing the woman he loves, which I absolutely adore. Though, of course, it’ll be a while before Zavion becomes protective of Dahlia, given his feelings about her being around in the first place. 

The next two tropes are intertwined in this book – amnesia and secrets. Dahlia has no memory of her life before she was ten years old, while Zavion knows some things about her past . . . that he’s not so inclined to share with a human he never wanted to hire in the first place. 

The last trope I’ll cover found in this series is alpha male. Zavion is the big boss of the influential and novel (it’s the only one of its kind) hotel for supernaturals, as well as a powerful figure in his own right. I feel like this trope dovetails nicely with the protective one, because alpha male characters often give off the vibe of being better able and more motivated to protect the people they love, which I’m sure is why I enjoy this trope, though it won’t be as common in my stories as protective main male lead . . . at least, probably not. 

I hope this little sneak peek into The Hidden Hotel has gotten you excited for this trilogy!