Book eight of The Genie Whisperer, The Stolen Truth, released this past Monday! As fun as book seven was to write (I particularly enjoyed Illan and Garan annoying each other, as well as Rajan’s and Ali’s scenes together), I was super excited to focus more on Darios in this book.


The international travel from the previous book continues in The Stolen Truth. For book eight, I did a little more research into the locations where I planned to send my characters, which made me once again glad I use a private browser. I started using it because I was a little worried some of my searches might look suspicious (such as when I researched museum security when introducing Rajan. Fun fact: the smoke protection thing I have appear in book one is a real thing! But more used in jewelry stores, with the idea being that if a thief can’t see the jewels, they’ll panic and just leave).

I was glad for my private browser in this case because it meant the internet didn’t decide I was going on a vacation and start trying to push that on me. Though I did look up some lovely places when researching . . . Too bad Ali and the genies don’t get to go to those spots ;)

I hope readers are enjoying (or maybe hating is a better word here?) the new villains in this season. I imagine the villains are familiar, yet not. They’re a group that’s already been introduced in that they’re genie wizards, yet not familiar since they’re not affiliated with The Society. It was fun to step away from that organization for a while and show readers that not all wizards bow down to The Society . . . but that doesn’t mean they’re much better. Arguably, just more extreme.

Another fun fact is that The Stole Truth contains one of my favorite lines from the series so far, and Ali gets to say it. Though it’s not so much what she says as the context around her saying it that makes me love it so much 😊