I mentioned in my last post that the publishing schedule for The Genie Whisperer would be changing, and I’ve now (probably) finalized the dates for that!

For the sake of my own peace of mind, I need to be ahead in my work or I can’t relax. But I got a little carried away with getting ahead on writing The Genie Whisperer and now everything is completed except for edits on the last two books, which should be finished in February. 

Given that, I decided to move up the release dates to have everything published by the end of April so I can better focus on my upcoming trilogy The Hidden Hotel. Below are the new release dates for the rest of the books, which have also been updated on the Books page of my website.

BookRelease Date
9 The Three R’s of Genie WhisperingFeb 5
10 The Gathering of AlliesFeb 19
11 The Gathering of EnemiesMar 4
12 The Three F’s of Genie WhisperingMar 18
13 The Deceptive GemApr 1
14 The Sacrificial GemApr 15


Another change that’s coming is that I’m placing The Genie Whisperer into Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. What this means is that I’ll need to pull it down from all other sites where it’s being sold (Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo). In an effort to not interfere with anyone buying the series from their preferred vendor, I’m removing the books on a staggered schedule. Additionally, each new book in the series will still release at all of the same sites and remain there for about three weeks. If you miss buying it during that time, the book will still be available at Amazon.

Below are the dates when each Genie Whisperer book will be taken down from the stores listed above and added to the Kindle Unlimited program. 

BookRemoving book from all non-Amazon book sites

1 The Glittering Gems

Jan 1

2 The Perilous Gems

Jan 8

3 The Three C’s of Genie Whispering

Jan 15

4 The Doorway of Possibilities

Jan 22

5 The Doorway to the Future

Jan 29

6 The Three B’s of Genie Whispering

Feb 5

7 The Lost Libraries

Feb 12

8 The Stolen Truth

Feb 19

9 The Three R’s of Genie Whispering

Feb 26

10 The Gathering of Allies

Mar 11

11 The Gathering of Enemies

Mar 25

12 The Three F’s of Genie Whispering

Apr 8

13 The Deceptive Gem

Apr 22

14 The Sacrificial Gem

May 6