Early on, I wrote a post about struggling over revealing the genies’ true names in the genie whisperer books before I should. knew their names, after all, so I sometimes mistakenly wrote the real names instead of the nicknames Ali was supposed to use. The only genies I didn’t struggle with this were Badan and Lynron, mostly because I didn’t settle on their true names until later in the series, making it easy not to make that mistake. 

After Ali knew the true names of everyone revealed by the end of book two, I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief. For the rest of the series, I no longer had to worry about using the nicknames instead of the real names. Except, things didn’t stay that way. 


Beginning in book ten, I introduced humans, genie wizards, and new genies into the series, once again making it so that Ali needed to use her nicknames for her genies so as not to reveal their precious true names. Except I forgot all about that 😓 Thankfully, a beta reader pointed out that the genies wouldn’t want their real name revealed to all those people, so Ali (though more meaning me) needed to be more careful with that. 

So in my next edit, I tried to pay extra special attention to what Ali called her genies whenever anyone outside the core group was around, and I tried to be mindful of that with the rest of the books. I thought I was SO careful with book eleven, but when my editor returned that book, she told me I needed to be more mindful of that 😅 I think I managed it better for the remaining three books in the series though. 

I also struggled not to reveal the genies’ real names in social media posts before they were revealed in the books, something I particularly struggled with with Badan and Lynron since their names aren’t revealed until much later in the series. Luckily, I’m pretty sure I always caught myself before actually publishing any of those posts! 

The genies having names they didn’t normally share with anyone other than genies was a fun aspect of the series, though ended up being a little more complicated in practice than I originally anticipated.