Okay, so the mistake I’m covering in this post isn’t technically a writing mistake, but it still affected The Genie Whisperer, so I thought it was worth mentioning! And this mistake has to do with the print copies of my book. Can you spot the issue below with the paperback copies of The Doorway of Possibilities and The Doorway to the Future


For the paperback copies of my books, the book number is listed on the spine so it’s easy to line them up in order. When I created the paperback for the Season Two books, The Doorway of Possibilities and The Doorway to the FutureI accidentally listed them as books three and four rather than four and five, like they actually are. I think it’s because I only had books one and two on my shelf since I was waiting to order book three until I could order four and five with it to reduce how much I spent on shipping. 

The result was that I looked at books one and two on my shelf, and my silly (or maybe tired) brain decided that meant I was obviously creating the paperback covers for the next two books in the series, while completely forgetting that book three already existed. (To be clear about the creation of my book covers, I don’t create the main cover. A cover artist takes care of the ebook cover, then provides me with the image for me to create the paperback cover with it.) 

Thankfully, Amazon lets authors order proof copies of books so we can make sure everything looks as it should with the cover. And as I was staring at my books on my shelf one day (which contained the final copies of books one and two and the proof copies of books three and four), I thought, ‘Wait, haven’t I written five books?’ 

It was a major face palm moment, but at least I realized the mistake before books four and five were released and got it updated in time! And now that I’ve made this mistake once, I take extra care when typing the book number on my paperback designs to make sure I don’t do it again.