Warning: If you haven’t finished reading The Lost Libraries, book seven of The Genie Whisperer, this post contains spoilers. If you have finished or don’t care about spoilers, read on!


So this mistake wasn’t a mistake in that I did something inconsistent with something I had already established within the world of The Genie Whisperer or something that flat out was incorrect or didn’t make sense. But it did cause issues for the story down the road, which I thankfully caught before I got too far. 

What is it I did? I made the genies too powerful. In the book The Lost Libraries, the genies discover that, thanks to them being tied to Ali, they can hide their presence from wizards. I also originally had them able to hide their use of magic itself from wizards’ senses if a wizard was nearby. But when I was writing the next book, The Stolen Truth, I realized that made the genies way overpowered.

With genies both able to hide their presence and their magic from wizards, that basically meant wizards had no way of either finding or stopping genies. The genies could just arrive, kill the wizards, and move on with their lives. As much as Tavor would have loved that outcome, overpowering the genies like that would have led to a boring story, so I had to go back to The Lost Libraries and rewrite is so that genies couldn’t hide their use of  magic from wizards’ senses. Which is a very important fact in The Stolen Truth.