Do you know what’s really important when writing a book? Keeping proper track of the races you’ve included within the world you created. So it is NOT okay for me to write wizard when I should write sorcerer. 


The world I’ve developed for my planned enchanted races trilogies has thirteen different races (I’ll post more on them later), so it’s a pretty rich world. But those thirteen races don’t include wizards. They include sorcerers. Yet while I was editing book two of The Hidden Hotel trilogy, when sorcerers come to visit the hotel for a conference, I realized I’d put wizard in place of sorcerer multiple times. 

This might be a result of the fact that The Genie Whisperer did contain a race of wizards, of a sort, so wizards is what I’m used to typing. Or maybe it’s just that wizards and sorcerers are similar in my mind. And the mind of the software I use to create my graphics, because when I searched for ‘sorcerer’ and then for ‘wizard’ it brought up basically the same images. Though, as I’ve pretty much admitted to, I can’t blame it. 

But I also can’t willy nilly put either wizard or sorcerer within my story, because that’s confusing, and similar does NOT mean interchangeable. I debated just changing the race to be wizards since my mind was apparently struggling so much with sorcerer, but I really liked the tone and feel of sorcerer better for this series. Thankfully, this is an easy mistake to correct because I just need to search for all instances of ‘wizard’ within my story and update it to ‘sorcerer.’ 

I hope you guys are looking forward to seeing what these sorcerers are capable of and what other races populate this new world!